About Barcelona Flat Finder

My job is to find a suitable home for you in Barcelona, and to get the best deal possible on the rental or purchase price.

I am completely independent and have no affiliations with any agents or owners – I’m on your side and have your best interests in mind.

Over ten years ago I moved to Barcelona from the UK and I’ve been helping people find properties and relocate here for several years now. Having worked in real estate in the UK, I have always been interested in the property market.

When I moved to Barcelona I initially set up a website called movingtobarcelona.com, aimed at sharing useful information and my knowledge of the property market with other people also relocating here.

I was regularly contacted by people needing help to find accommodation in Barcelona, and this prompted me to start my property finding service. This website (barcelonaflatfinder.com) was created as a focus for my property finding service alone, whereas my movingtobarcelona.com website continues to share general information about moving to and living in Barcelona.

If you have specific questions about moving to Barcelona or need more information about my Barcelona flat finder service, please contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.