Client Testimonials

Here are just a few client testimonials for Barcelona Flat Finder from people who I have successfully found accommodation for – in and around Barcelona.

Thank you for all your help. I could never make it without you! I will recommend your service to other expats.

– Agata

Thanks so much for everything. It made life so much easier and I would happily and wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone and everyone!

– Rebecca

My advice is to employ a property agent whenever you purchase a property. I always have in Spain, Holland and the UK. Purchasing a property is a decision you make rarely and you are usually not an expert in the area in which you are buying, particularly if language and culture are different to those which you are used to.

I decided to ask Barcelona Flat Finder to help me purchase an apartment in Barcelona and it was a wise decision. They are very knowledgeable about Barcelona’s property market.

They act quickly and get on with things; do far more than the negotiated work, for example they also helped me to rent a garage space and store room nearby; find the right lawyer and many other third parties that you need; finds the right person to help with the NIE etc; always stays calm no matter how difficult; and is used to the Spanish customs. Frankly spoken, their fees are too low and I paid her slightly more than the amount we contracted.


Thank you so much for making the purchase so much easier, it’s been a great experience dealing with you!


Thanks so much for all your help. We are established in the flat that you helped us find and negotiate. You are a very patient, experienced, and organized person and we are so glad that you assisted us.

– Carlos

Barcelona Flat Finder was very responsive as soon as we got in touch. They worked to our dates helping to search for available apartments, identifying ones that fit our brief, and booked & co-ordinated viewings within a 2 day period while we visited prior to our move to Spain. They provided advice based on local knowledge, negotiated on our behalf & translated the contract for us once we found our apartment. Without this service our move to Sant Cugat would have been much harder & stressful. She is extremely good at what she does, so professional, knowledgeable & a lovely person to hold your hand during your transition to Spain. We highly recommend her.

Suzanne & Kieran

We never thought it would be so hard to find an apartment in Barcelona. There are so many sites with a lot of flats for rent, but nobody was answering our requests to arrange a viewing by email written in English. Since it was August, we first thought that the agencies were closed due to holidays. The days passed and fortunately a friend sent me the link to your site. Going through it, everything was clear to us. Not speaking Spanish was the problem! We got in contact with you, and sooner then we thought, you found for us a large property list to choose from! Soon you had our viewings arranged, desired flat was found, the contact and all the talk with the agency and the owner until the signing of the contract! Some things requested were very strange to us and we are glad to have had someone who knows how things work here, what is legal/ usual and what is not.

We would like to thank you so much for your professionalism, your understanding for time pressure while having an almost 3 year old child waiting to have her room and toys back ….

We are now in a beautiful apartment, everything is unpacked and we have our long desired routine again, all thanks to you!

Christos, Jota and Zoi

An invaluable resource for us when we moved to Barcelona. Your apartment finding service saved us time, money and headaches, and we were able to sign a contract and move into our new place within a week of our first viewing.

As foreigners moving to Spain, we had no idea where to begin to find an apartment. You took our specifications and budget and sent us thoroughly researched lists of places from multiple sites and agencies that might be a good fit, then contacted agencies on our behalf for our favorites.

It was incredibly helpful to arrive in the city with you already making appointments for viewings, communicating with different agents and advising us on the ins and outs of renting as a foreigner. We found a beautiful apartment with a great agency, and we couldn’t be happier. We highly recommend working with you for anyone moving to Barcelona!

Gillian and Brian Burgess

Fantastic service, if you do not speak the language or have no knowledge of the Spanish rental market then this is an absolute must. Can’t thank you enough. – Buena Suerte.

– Owen

We needed to find a flat in Barcelona, but didn’t speak Spanish, and needed to move in relatively quickly. We began our search on-line from home, but became quickly frustrated by the distance and language barrier. We could not believe our luck when we found this service.

After we gave an idea of our budget and preferences, we could relax and enjoy the experience. We have found the perfect apartment which would not have happened if we were searching by ourselves.

John and Alyson

My sister and myself had the occasion to use Barcelona Flat Finder. We each desired a nice flat in a specific area on a specific street. You rarely get everything, but with their local knowledge Barcelona Flat Finder helped us get flats that fit most of our criteria and to our satisfaction. We found the service to be a great help in not only narrowing down our choices, but helping with the legal, negotiations and other aspects of renting in Barcelona. We highly recommend this service.

– Cliff

Here I am, sitting on the terrace of my new attic flat in Barcelona with splendid views of the Sagrada Familia, Montjuic mountain and… the sea. How good is that? All thanks to this flat finding service. I viewed 8 flats in one day, all arranged for me, and I was accompanied all the time, and she used her knowledge and charm to deal with estate agents and guide me through the whole process. I was very impressed by her efficiency, professional calmness, patience and honesty. I would heartily recommend this service to anyone who wants to navigate the maze of finding a flat in the city.

– Matt

We would like to thank you very much for all your help and advice, not only during our visit, but also with all the questions we had during the whole process of finding an apartment.

Russell and Gemma

If you would like a reference do not hesitate to ask. We are both indebted to you for everything you’ve done and although I keep saying it, it is a reflection of our appreciation and gratitude.

Michael and Carolyn

It was our big fortune to have found you. The whole process is so systematically and punctually arranged by you and every detail is under your control. We appreciate it very much. I’m sure we would have had a lot of difficulties without you. And of course we are only glad to leave our positive testimonial about working with you.

– Tamila and Gleb

Thank you again for all your assistance in finding and securing our flat – we definitely couldn’t have managed it without you! The apartment has proven to be a very convenient and comfortable home for all 3 of us.

– Esther and Zachery

We love the location. Everything is at walking distance. Thank you very much for everything again.

– Anikó