Property Finder FAQ

This Barcelona property finder FAQ page answers the common questions that prospective clients ask. Read through the following or get in touch by email or phone if you have any queries about moving to Barcelona and our property sourcing.

  • Do you only find properties in Barcelona city?
    No, we find properties for clients in the surrounding areas too, such as Sant Cugat, Sitges, Castelldefels, Sant Just Desvern and Esplugues de Llobregat. If you have a specific location in mind, please ask us about it.
  • How many viewing days will I need to find a flat to rent in Barcelona?
    The vast majority of clients choose a flat to rent with only one viewing day. When buying, two viewing days are usually required, with maybe additional viewings to one property in particular before a decision to buy can be made.
  • Why should I use a property finder instead of estate agents?
    The estate agents tend to act on behalf of the landlord or owner. In many cases the agent rents the same flat every time it’s vacant. We act on your behalf and get you the best deal possible. Also, if you don’t speak Spanish, using the smaller local estate agents can be extremely difficult.
  • Why should I pay you to search for properties for me when I can do it myself online?
    It’s true that there are many online property websites, and we’re happy to make viewings for properties that you’ve found yourself on the internet. However, we know a lot of the local estate agents very well and can often find properties before they’ve been advertised.
  • How far in advance do I need to book you to start searching for properties to rent?
    When renting that depends a little on the budget; cheaper flats rent very quickly if they’re in good condition. I advise to start the search process 2-4 weeks before your viewing day. The contract signing (when you get your keys) happens 3-5 days after the viewing day.
    When purchasing property you need to allow a little more time. 2-3 months or more, as long as you can be available to come to Barcelona to do viewings during that period.
    We get booked in advance, so it’s best to give us as much notice as possible about your moving dates.
  • How do I know I’m going to like any of the flats or houses that you arrange viewings for?
    We send you details of many properties, including photos. You decide which flats or houses you want to view.
  • How many properties will I be able to see in one day?
    Approximately seven in one day if in the city. When renting, that’s usually enough for clients to be able to make a decision to rent one of them. When looking at larger properties outside of Barcelona city, it can be fewer, because of the time needed to travel between properties.
  • After I’ve reserved a property to rent, how long does it take to move in?
    From reservation to signing the contract and getting your keys can take anything from a couple of days to one week. It’s not usually longer.
  • How long does the purchase process take?
    Once a property has been sourced, a verbal offer is made and accepted and the property is reserved. The Arras (where you pay a 10% deposit) usually takes place within two weeks of an offer being accepted. The final exchange of the deeds needs to be negotiated between both parties, but is not usually more than 3 months from the reservation date.
  • Do you help with the opening or transfer of utility accounts, contracting internet and getting your NIE/Residency?
    Quite often the estate agent or owner will help to transfer the utility bills into your name. I recommend a ‘gestor‘ who helps you get your NIE, change utility bill details and pay your ITP.