Why Use A Property Finder?

Using a property finder will save you time, money, and an awful lot of stress.

If you don’t live in Barcelona or Spain it’s very time consuming to find properties and organise viewings with agents. We work regularly with agents and know the property market well. I have lived in Barcelona for over 10 years and have been running a property finding service here for several years now.

There are many local estate agents in Barcelona, but if you don’t speak Spanish or Catalan it’s difficult to access them. The English-speaking international agencies tend to be more expensive as they are more focused on the expat market.

The cost of flying to Barcelona, staying in a hotel or short-term accommodation, and maybe hiring a car too, in order to search for and rent or buy a flat yourself can actually work out much more costly than using a property finder.

We know Barcelona and the surrounding areas. We know the rental market and many of the local agents, and have the experience of property hunting for international clients.

We can recommend locations within Barcelona that best suit your needs and lifestyle, and always give as much information as we can to help you relocate.

We’ve found accommodation in Barcelona for people from all walks of life: people who are relocating with their work; families who are looking for a lifestyle change; people who are travelling and want to experience a different culture for a short time. Whatever your reasons for moving to this exciting city, and whatever your budget, we can offer you a top quality relocation service.

We have connections with local professionals, including a lawyer and architect who we regularly work with, and recommend to those clients who are purchasing property in Barcelona.

Why use a property finder? You will be guided through the whole process, will be given as much information about moving to and living in Barcelona as possible, and can calmly make a decision on which property to rent or buy. You can read more about me personally here.

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